Replace Vinyl Siding


Vinyl Siding – A Great Choice for Any Home

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular forms of siding available today. It’s highly versatile, durable, and available in a huge assortment of colors, making it ideal for just about any home. Although it’s weather-resistant and can stand up to all sorts of abuse, vinyl siding isn’t entirely immune to damage. If your vinyl siding has suffered damage, it’s always best to hire professional contractors for your repairs, but it’s also important to understand the repair process. Here’s what’s going on with your vinyl siding during the repair phase.

Repairing Damaged Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is typically comprised of several panels with horizontal seams between them. Our contractors will aim to find the seam between damaged sections and insert specialized tools in order to remove panels individually. Once the panel has been disengaged and removed, we’ll proceed to remove nails from the course we need in order to complete the removal. Once all the panels have been successfully removed, we can assess the damage fully and make any repairs we need. Sometimes this calls for patching up the vinyl, which is a specialized process. In other cases, we may need to replace the panel altogether. Either way, we’ll take care of the damage and then re-attach the siding. We’ll slide the panel back in, snap it into place, and hammer in new nails. Fortunately, the whole process is far easier than repairing other types of siding and it can be completed very quickly, depending upon the damage in question. It is also more affordable, since the labor is less intensive and the parts are not individually expensive. In fact, vinyl siding is intentionally built this way in various panels to make for the easiest possible renovations when needed.


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