Vinyl siding installation has gained popularity in Aurora as it is low-maintenance. Yet, vinyl siding eventually deteriorates like any siding that spends its entire life outside. The benefits of cleaning your vinyl siding throughout the winter months, as well as the best procedures for doing so, will be discussed in the following piece.

Cleaning the siding is necessary for fading or yellowing might occur if it is not done regularly. Note that doing so is easy. All you’ll need is a lengthy, bristles brush and a three-part water-to-one-part-bleach solution. You could also use a vinegar and water solution, which would be nearly as effective. To avoid streaks from the cleaning water, remember to start at the bottom and work your way up. If you have a power washer, you can use it, but make sure to follow the product’s handbook for appropriate intensities for your siding!

Now, when asked when it is best to clean your facility’s siding, wintertime is much preferred. It may seem strange at first as it’s chilly outside. However, this is exactly why winter cleaning is beneficial. Snow, ice, and freezing and defrosting temperatures can be extremely damaging to vinyl siding. If left for an extended period, the water that sits on the vinyl will encourage mold growth. When the snow melts, the dirt will be left on your siding. You can even wait until the spring to address these issues, but it would be considerably more costly and tricky if mold develops. Keep our vinyl siding looking great for years to come with this method!

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