Siding installation in Aurora is reasonably simple but vinyl siding repair can be more tricky. Is it possible to replace a bit of siding on your home? It is, but if possible, it is not a good plan. 

Here is what you need to know:


Replacing boards and panels

The odds of a single board or panel being damaged is slim, but it does occur on occasion. Usually, this happens when the siding panel is already weak from warping or defects. When this occurs, swapping out the sheet with an entirely new sheet is the best plan. This is very important if you have wood siding, because the breach can allow dangerous moisture to enter the space. 

But just remember, this option is available for almost every siding type except vinyl siding. And that includes aluminum. 


Replacing specific sections of siding

There are times where a huge chunk of your siding can be damaged. 

If this is the case, a professional siding contractor in Aurora can see out the bad section and replace it with quality new siding to match. Sometimes it is even possible to cut new boards and affix them to older siding boards, which might be a practical solution over replacing the entire board.


Preventing siding damage

Proper installation of repaired siding, or new home siding, is the only way to curb future issues. The space between the siding and the inner wall has to be very specific to prevent warping. They have to be attracted to nearby siding with care. 


If you have any questions about siding repair in Aurora, contact All American Siding Contractors.

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