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If you’re looking to upgrade or repair your siding, picking the right siding contractor can make all the difference. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to picking siding contractors for your next exterior remodeling project so you can make sure to get the best quality work without spending a fortune.

  • Home Shows – If you’ve never been before, a home show is a showcase for local craftsmen to show off their skills and craft. Often, your local siding contractors will be available in this setting and you’ll be able to speak with them personally. You can get a feel for what a siding contractor is like in this way and also see some examples of their work without having to hire them first.
  • Research the Reputation – Nowadays it’s easier than ever before to look up siding contractors and learn all about their reputation. Check out testimonials and reviews for any siding contractor you’re considering. You can also look up their BBB Rating, which will give you a good idea of their reputation.
  • Verify Insurance – Before going further with any contractor, make sure they have two separate types of insurance to cover their work. First, they need general liability damage to protect your home from any damage caused during siding installation. Secondly, they need workers’ compensation to protect their own siding contractors in the case of injury.
  • Get Things in Writing – Everything is better when it’s written out. Begin with obtaining a written estimate which enumerates every detail of your siding installation beforehand. Make sure it includes all the details, from materials to labor. Also take this opportunity to get a warranty on both the workmanship and the materials. Secure a physical copy of both the workmanship warranty and the manufacturers’ warranty for any parts they use.


By following these four simple rules, you can ensure that you only work with quality, reputable siding contractors in the future!

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